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You can now buy UFR tokens with USD/EUR

Buy UFR tokens with USD or EUR !

We are proud to announce that it is now possible to buy UFR tokens on UpTorrent with USD or EUR. You already can do this at We will describe how this feature works and how to buy UFR tokens.

The buying page

On this first page you have to enter the value, the currency you want to pay with and your Ethereum address.


There are some conditions to respect while completing the form. First, the value must be between 5 and 100 USD. You have to choose a currency, for now only two currencies are available, USD and EUR. Finally your ethereum address must be in the proper format. If one of those conditions is not valid, you won't be able to make the purchase and an error message will appear to tell you what is wrong.

After completing the form an indication containing the number of UFR you will receive appears.


Once everything is right you can now go to the next step by clicking the button Buy_UFR_Purschase_btn

The payment system

Once you clicked the button, the payment system appears.


Here you need to enter your card informations. This payment gateway is powered by Stripe. We do not store any of those informations, only Stripe has access to them to make the payment process

UFR tokens transaction

Once the payment has been validate by Stripe, we will send you the UFR tokens on your ethereum address. You will be redirect to a page with a link to so you can check the transaction.


If you got any problems, please send an email to with the email address you used on UpTorrent.

To support us you can follow us on twitter @UpTorrentApps.

You also can send ETH or UFR to this address : 0x18e80402bd8F0D6a4e5a7E7968dA923cd245e920

So we will be able to make greater features !

The UpTorrent team.

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